Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

This is to acknowledge that clients understand that they will be charged for all subscription plans on a monthly basis automatically until they discontinue their subscriptions, if a monthly subscription plan was chosen at the time of purchase. The subscription fees are charged automatically until you cancel your subscription. Customers can cancel their subscription by sending an email to at least 48 hours prior to the next payment date. Upon cancellation, customers will receive an email confirmation receipt. Please note that you are solely responsible for canceling your subscriptions correctly.


For all subscription plans, you can cancel within 48 hours of the transaction date and receive a full refund for any remaining months in your committed term to your original payment method. No refund will be issued for previous months.

If you purchase a monthly plan and cancel more than 48 hours after the transaction date, you agree to pay for the current month of the subscription, but Litmus Technologies will not bill you for any future months. However, you will not be refunded for the cost of the current or past months.

If you purchase a semiannual or three-month plan and cancel more than 48 hours after the transaction date, you agree to pay for the current month of the subscription, and Litmus Technologies will issue a 50% prorated refund to your original payment method for any remaining unused months.

For canceled subscription plans, Litmus Technologies does not offer prorated refunds. No refunds or credits will be given for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or month refunds.

Domain & Hosting Purchases

If a Hosting Service or Domain Name Registration has already been performed, it is non-refundable. If the service has not been performed, it is eligible for a refund within 15 days of the transaction date.

Website Design & Development

Each Web Design & Development project is planned with milestones. All projects start with a complete discovery/analysis and the creation of a scope of work document to ensure a clear understanding of the required work and eliminate potential project cancellations, reversals, or disputes.

As time is spent on achieving each milestone and completing each module, a refund is not possible for work already completed.

In the event of a project termination on a mutual basis, the client retains control of all completed work, and any payment for further development becomes void. No previous payment or deposit will be refunded.

No payment will be refunded once the client approves mock-up designs, and we move into the development phase of the project. There are no partial refunds for projects midway through a milestone phase.


Service fees, including those related to Online Marketing Services, Web Development Services, and App Development Services, are nonrefundable. However, Litmus Technologies will review each refund request subjectively and reserves the right to issue or deny a refund.

Billing Disputes

Each Litmus Technologies customer agrees to provide Litmus Technologies with 30 days to attempt settlement of any billing dispute before disputing with any third-party credit/debit card company or bank. If Litmus Technologies receives a chargeback from a third-party credit/debit card company or bank on the customer's behalf before Litmus Technologies has had a chance to resolve the issue, Litmus Technologies has the right to charge the customer for the time spent in resolving such disputes and any associated fees incurred, in addition to the $50 chargeback fee mentioned above. Regardless of the outcome of the chargeback, Litmus Technologies retains the right to collect any due services or fees. Litmus Technologies may submit any disputed amounts to a collection agency. Once a chargeback has been received, Litmus Technologies has the right to suspend the account until the matter is resolved.